You are beautiful. 

To think about ourselves in this society is a little bit selfish. But however, with all these new “get fit” programs it’s common to see people going to the gym. 
But why? 

Is it because we think we are fat? 

Or because we compare ourselves to others? 

It might be all these reasons. 

At least once in our lives we compare ourselves to someone. If it’s from the way they perform highly while you don’t, or just the wonderful looks we think they have that we don’t. As for me, I believe that with time and positive actions we can believe just how truly beautiful we are.

Years of being told that you aren’t good enough, or your breast are rather small compared to the average girl your age is a terrible concept to be involved in. 

However, we don’t always get the easy way out of life. But overtime, I came to the conclusion that if we don’t love ourselves how can we expect someone else to? 

We must first love ourselves in order to allow someone else to. We have to love every part of our bodies including the scars so that someone else can as well. When we find this person it’s easy to believe just how truly beautiful we are. This person allows us to see what we can’t see in ourselves as well. 

So for me, I no longer fully hate how I look. But the struggle is still very much there. 

Luckily, I have found someone who makes me feel beautiful inside and out. And yes, he enjoys every part of me. Inside and out.

But to get to this wonderful thing, we have to accept ourselves for us and if we don’t like it, we have to be willing to change that. Body image can make one better. 

But overall, we have to learn to love ourselves in order to allow others to love us, including our bodies. 


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