The little things. 

When it comes to any aspect of life, I think most of us look at the big picture because that’s what we wish to accomplish. In some cases it might be the end point to a chapter and we are wishing for another new start. That’s the thing about life. If we keep wishing for something we will never enjoy the presents of what is going on right now; the small things that add up to the big picture. It’s kinda like a puzzle almost. If it wasn’t for the little tiny pieces, the ones that are shaped weird and awkward (the bad and upsetting parts of life) or the ones that are shaped nice (the great parts of life) there would be no picture at all. Each small pieces helps create a bigger overall picture, the one we look at when we are finished with the puzzle. That’s just like life, we gaze over the small things so we can go right to the big things. However, we should take more time when it comes to the small things. I’m a person who believes that the small things are what matters the most. For me if it wasn’t for the small reminders that I’m doing something great in my life I don’t know if I would have the strength to go on sometimes. But when you get these small things that remind you of where you are heading it’s great! I could go on about this but I’m just extremely thankful for the people in my life who remind me of the small things and why I’m heading for the big picture anyways. If these people are reading this, you guys mean the world to me. Everything you do I’m beyond grateful for. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have picked up writing again or be enjoying the small things in life. So thanks, for helping me find what life’s truly about, the small things rather then wishing for better things to happen.

(Just some of the little things I’m grateful for.)


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