My Life

This is just basically me righting to vent so I figured I’ll post it.

Recently in my life a lot of shit has been going on. Some things I wish that weren’t going on. I found out my grandfather has throat cancer and is going to have to have chemo and radiation therapy. My whole life I thought these terrible things would never happen to anyone in my family because while it’s my family. I never thought my grandfather of all people would be the one to have cancer. I mean he’s my grandfather nothing bad could happen to him right? My inner childhood self was face with the truth about reality. These things do happen. These things happen to the people who we care most about. These things happen but why? I never understand how God could let these things happen to people who we care about. Of all people, my Pop, the Godliest person I know. But it occurred to be that God has no control of have evil things are on the earth because the earth is sinned. Ever since Adam ate that able what humans do and the evil things we do God can’t control. However, when we turn to God to help us with these evil things he can control that. He can help with healing, strength, and hurt. We can do all things in God who strengthens us. A scripture that means a lot to me now. Whatever journey my Grandfathers cancer story has, I know that I can trust in the Lord to take care of him. Just because cancer occurred in his life, doesn’t mean it’s over. I believe God is in charge.


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