So you have found the about me section on my blog. Hopefully you have gathered that my name is Dallas. I am currently a student at Hacc majoring in psychology.

What’s a psych major doing with a blog?
Since can remember I’ve always been striving to find adventure. I love the outdoors and going to new places and seeking new things. One of my favorite hobbies is probably taking photos and just exploring new areas. Although with college and work, and life in general finding the time to do so is hard.

I also have always enjoyed writing, even though all my life I have struggled with reading and writing. Ironic right? Thats when I started picking up poetry.

With poetry there are no set rules, not correct grammar, no anything. It’s freely however you wish to make it.

Writing and taking photos was a way for me to express myself.

As time went on, and I started sharing my writing with others, I’ve gotten many comments saying, “You should post this somewhere because I’m sure someone will enjoy reading in.”

I hate sharing my writing, probably because I don’t think it’s all the great. But in this period of my life I thought it would be good to jump out of my comfort zone and share what I have to say. Maybe someone will think it’s alright?

With all this being said, I hope you enjoy my blog as well as my photography.

Here’s my journey, my steps in the right direction to making myself better.


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